Things to Do

In Dimitsana


One of the best things to do is to visit our Dimitsana… a traditional village really close to us and ready to impress you with its architecture, the nice and romantic paths to walk around, the old renovated houses which are now transformed to cafes, bistros, traditional tavernas and highly rated restaurants to enjoy your meal.

Lousios River

Be adventurous ! Visit the Lousios River. Lousios is at about 23 kilometers length. Our myths and traditions say that its name comes from the waters that the 3 Nymfes (Neda, Agno and Thisoa) used to take a bath of the the newborn Jupiter. Its springs starts from the church of Agia Paraskevi, near the small village of Kaloneri and the ancient Thisoa. There we may arrange for you, when possible,a kayak / hiking tour.

Menalon Trail

In Dimitsana, you may start you escape in nature, by hiking the Menalon Trail’s sections. The section 1 which is from Stemnitsa to Dimitsana, which is also possible to be done backwards, from Dimitsana to Stemnitsa as well and from there to take one of the many available taxis and get back to Kastraki. The other one is the section 2 which starts from Dimitsana and goes to Zygovisti and as all the sections of the Menalon Trail can be done and vice versa, since it is fully signed and re-certified recently for its high standards. More details can be also found here

The Open-Air Water Power Museum, in Dimitsana

The Open-Air Water Power Museum, in Dimitsana, highlights the importance of water-power in traditional society. Focusing on the main pre-industrial techniques that take advantage of water to produce a variety of goods, it links them to the history and daily life of the local society over the ages. It is worth a visit, especially with the young heroes of your life. For more HERE.

The Monasteries of Philosofou and Prodromou in Dimitsana

The Monasteries of Philosofou and Prodromou in Dimitsana. 2 places totally assigned with the history and the beauty of the village. A must do while being here, although the access is not easy for families with kids. Not only for religious reasons but even for its architecture and its ressistance to the years passing by.

Library of Dimitsana

The Library of Dimitsana. One of the biggest “must do” while being here and thinking your things to do in Arcadia. Really rare manuscripts and items from another era of the area and of course in one of the most beautiful buildings.

In Vytina


Enjoy you coffee, a fresh traditional sweet (e.g. galaktompoureko = sweet milk pie) or a nice meal, with fantastic views, in one of the shops located in Vytina. A picturesque village, really close to our vacations house, may offer you really nice moments and memories after your visit there. It is usually overcrowed, that is the reason we propose it, for a few hours visit and a stroll to buy its local delicacies, such us honey, traditional pasta, sweets and souvenirs made from wood.

Menalon Trail

Hike the Menalon Trail, the first certified trail by ERA (European Ramblers’ Association) in Greece. There are 2 sections that arrives or start from/to Vytina. The section 4, Elati – Vytina, is at about 2:30 hours and 8.5 km distance, of moderate difficulty. The other one is the section 5, Vytina – Nymphasia, which is at about 2 hours and 5.6 km, of moderate difficulty as well. From there you may take a taxi and come back to our vacations house and relax before your next escape to our nature.

Holy Church of Kernitsis

In Nymphasia, close to Vytina and us, you will find the Holy Church of Kernitsis. Since 7 centuries ago, this building is located there, supervising the nature, flora and fauna of the area and does really worth a visit and be listed on your “things to do” while being here..

Road of Love in Vytina

Romance and Love in Vytina and so close to us. The Road of Love. A really unique road, full of trees and colors of the arcadian nature, ready to offer you the ideal place for a walk, a romantic moment with your beloved one or even a nice place for the “instagram hunters”.

Forest in Vytina

Visit the small Grove of Vytina, close to the Road of Love. A really nice place to be for your short hiking strolls, sports and all of them being surrounded by huge trees.

Horse Riding

In Elati, a small village near Vytina, you may offer to yourself a nice ride with horses in the nature of Arcadia and get an unforgetable lifetime memory with you at home and country. Ask the reception for more details so we arrange it for you.

Mainalon Ski Center

Do not forget to visit the Menalon Ski Center, which is really close to Vytina and the villages around and feel the refreshing atmosphere of the white mountains, ski around and get a hot chocolate or coffee in the chalet – cafe there.

Agios Tryfonas

The church of Saint Tryfonas, is also a nice place to visit. Its architecture and its history are nice to be admired on the spot. It is located in the main square of Vytina and it is built on 1846 !

Culture Museum of Vytina

In the square of Vytina, you may find the Culture Museum of Vytina, where many exhibits from another era of Vytina are there, so the old ones to remember their origins and the yound ones to rethink their future!

In Lagkadia


Lagkadia is the village of the stone builders. A really unique village to visit. Stone built houses of extraordinary architecture. Stroll around and admire them by all means.


Lagkadia is the last village of the Menlon Trail. The section that arrives there is the 8th and it starts from Valtesiniko. It is a path of 13.9 km and it takes about 5 hours to do it.It is of moderate difficulty and it can be done backwards as well. Your choice, your memories.

Ladonas River

Ladonas Lake. A real alternative place in Arcadia, full of beauty and natural spots to discover. The area is always busy with outdoor activities clubs such as hiking or trekking, canoe or kayak or escapes with ATVs and 4×4.